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Dedicated to helping you relieve stress, reduce tension, manage pain and help you reach an overall sense of well-being. People just like you have come to our inviting, quiet facility for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. We work with each client on an individual basis to establish their specific needs and then meet those needs through a nurturing massage.

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Our complete massage services include:

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common type of massage at the spa. Swedish massage combines various hands-on techniques including gliding, kneading, and cross-fiber friction to break up muscle knots, called adhesions. Swedish massage is based on the Western concepts of anatomy and physiology as opposed to energy work. It can be slow and gentle, or vigorous and bracing, depending on what the technician wants to achieve.

  • Light to medium pressure
  • Promotes circulation and lymph movement
  • Good for stress-related conditions and chronic pain

Sports Massage

Sports massage is geared toward athletes of every kind, from world-class professionals to weekend joggers. The particulars of the sports massage technique are specific to the athlete's sport of choice. Focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements. Aspects of sports massage are gaining popularity as useful components in a balanced training regimen. Sports massage can be used as a means to enhance pre-event preparation and reduce recovery time for maximum performance during training or after an event. Athletes have discovered that specially designed sports massage promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, improves endurance, helps prevent injuries and prepares their body and mind for optimal performance.

  • Promotes flexibility to decrease risk of injury
  • Improves endurance
  • Reduces post-workout recovery time
  • Offers balance to training regimen


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